Interior Design Studio Mariska Jagt considers craftsmanship a priority. It is a wonderful process to see how our designs are executed, thereby realizing the dreams of our clients. The design becomes separate from the paper on which it was drawn and is translated into something tangible. Usually you only see the end result, even though the road towards it is equally inspiring. We realize our projects in collaboration with a team of inspired interior designers. They translate our concepts into the perfect and refined final design. Of course it is also possible for our customers to select their own interior designer.

It is fantastic to walk into each other’s studios and find mutual inspiration. Whenever we arrive at the workshop, we are happy to smell the scent of freshly cut wood, see the sawdust on the floor, be able to choose from countless materials, and see the tools and machines that are ready to start making the objects that complete the interiors we create.

You can tell there is only passion for this job and that is why our designs are complete, because they are made with love and attention from start to finish. Be inspired by the world of pure craftsmanship….

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