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A high-end apartment in a vibrant, up-and-coming area in Rotterdam: Rijnhaven District.


The interior:

This home consists of two floors with a galleried landing. The spaces are connected by a unique staircase. The staircase is built around a glass box containing greenery. The design was made especially for this home. It is an eye-catcher and an element that connects the spaces. Cabinets and corners were created in the home to display art objects. This gives the home a great deal of character and allows the objects to tell a story. The kitchen consists of one piece of furniture that extends from kitchen to dining table. The kitchen cupboard is two stories high, due to the galleried landing. The interconnectedness can also be found here. From the master bedroom, you are able look out onto the galleried landing and have a view of the cupboard. This is thanks to one wall being made of opaque glass. The walk-in closet is also equipped with glass doors, so that every space maintains a view of the other spaces.


Colours and materials:

The colours of the walls are light, in contrast with the brown custom cabinetry. The doors and lighting consist of clean, straight shapes, contrasting with the organic shapes of the furniture. The marble is an element that unites the hard and the soft. The blue steel and the cast floor provide a sleek basis.


“The galleried landing and the glass box contribute to a feeling of spacious and luxurious living”