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The semi-detached house is located in Ridderkerk and has a beautiful view of a natural and free environment.

The interior:

The ground floor features an extension with large windows and double doors leading to the unobstructed view of the garden.

As a result, the house is extremely spacious, although the ensuite provides the necessary intimacy. Since the living room is separated from the kitchen and dining room, the family can use both spaces separately. This creates a great deal of privacy.

Colours and materials:

A neutral light base was chosen, contrasting with the dark custom-built cupboards, suite and kitchen. The long wall features a yellow/gold-coloured wallpaper, and this shade is also repeated in the details of the upholstery of cushions and barstools.

Warm herringbone floors extend throughout the house, emphasising both the length and breadth of the space as well as creating a cohesive whole.

“The yellow ochre colour in the house connects inside and outside.”