The One – Doors Orange

The One – Doors Orange

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The One

Studio Mariska Jagt designed a special collection of doors for Doors Orange. The design allows for the doors to completely emerge in the wall and become one with the interior. The collection comprises designs regarding revolving doors, sliding doors and pivot doors. By getting rid of obvious technical aspects, we placed the focus solely on the door as part of the whole. Preferably, these are to be placed parallel to the ceiling which emphasises the vertical lines in the overall pattern. Its user can choose from a variety of colours and materials, and can choose to add decorations such as wood veneer and leather as part of a unique design.

A striking element of The One is The M, a classically designed, round doorknob which is placed onto to the door on a minimalistic rosette. The doorknob is very user friendly owing to its magnetic slot. The knobs come in stainless steel and in either a matte black or white colour, accompanied by a seal of Mariska Jagt which is subtly noticeable in the stool.

The most powerful designs are often particularly modest ones. The One is a door that seamlessly blends into the interior.”