Dutch-based Interior Design Studio Mariska Jagt designs interiors, furniture, and customized products infused with personality, craftsmanship, design and creativity. Our style is characterized by a perfect mix of pure, refined and exciting elements merged with a serene and warm basis. Beauty and functionality go hand in hand. We create interiors that make people feel at ease and in which they like to spend time because they are embraced by unity, tranquility and spaciousness.

Our clients’ wishes are always our priority. We work closely with our clients to ensure that every detail is imbued with their personality. The perfect design is created by merging the client’s style with our own, and Mariska Jagt’s feminine elegance, warmth and clear lines are always reflected in the end result. Her aesthetic sense, ability to translate and incorporate the wishes of her clients, and willingness to push boundaries make for unique, personal and timeless designs.

We offer contemporary total concepts, where the implementation allows the designs to flourish. Our enthusiastic and committed team deviates from the beaten path and goes one step beyond to design interiors that surpass expectations. Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from head offices to villas and from hotels to public spaces, both nationally and internationally.

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